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    10 Ways to Improve Confidence

    10 Ways to Improve Confidence

    1. Let's try to escape from the familiar place. You can feel your limitations growing as you keep running into unfamiliar situations. Even the smallest of things, a new attempt each day will help you improve your self-confidence and make you feel like you can do anything sooner or later. It is important to put it into action first.

    2. Don't be sorry and live your own life. Let's remember that we can't control other people's minds. According to psychologist Wayne Dyer, when you ask thirty acquaintances about themselves, they are more likely to get 30 different answers. That is, you need not listen to other people's opinions and pay attention to them. Let's find my own style. Let's cut out clothes that suit my taste. Let's live what we believe is right.

    3. Let's face it when it comes to fear. It is normal to feel fear. A blind spot is one where I don't let fear rule me. Admit what you're afraid and it doesn't come true. Therefore, it is much more productive to accept the fear and consider the solution. Write down what you're afraid of, and the solutions to it.

    4. There is no perfection. Perfection can only lead to more distrust of yourself (e.g., feeling congested). So you should be tolerant of your own mistakes. If you don't tolerate mistakes, you can't grow up. Also, thinking about something too much can have the same effect.

    5. Let's not forget I'm a great person. Famous lifestyle coach Jack Canfield says, " Recognition and compassion is needed to provide the insight and consciousness needed to complete higher goals and tasks. " Let me list the really great reasons. And let's include all I have achieved so far. And when you are out of power, slide the list over again.

    6. Let's maintain a self-inspiring body condition. Recently, one customer said, They feel confident in their bodies. (I agree with you here. Because confidence is not just about the mind, I advised her to take a good look at when she feels that way and repeat it. She said she felt better when she heard a song in the car. She said that she feels great when she listens to certain songs. It's a simple method.

    7. Let's be careful with our manners. This part needs to be conscious of itself. I kept taking dance lessons when I was a kid, and my teacher always said, " Put your back up and your head up straight! Attention! " Body language should also be confident. Walking with your head down and shoulders drooping gives you not only a feeling of relaxation but also a negative signal to others. And be careful of arm movements, or even struggling your fingers. Let's keep eye contact with others and smile.

    8. Let's practice expressing our opinions. If you express what you need, a miracle will happen. So ask for what you want with pride. this instant

    9. Let's be confident. Thinking about the most extreme consequences causes more anxiety than necessary. If so, no action is possible. Let's try to assess the fact that there are more possibilities than that. Focus on one of them, and imagine the consequences you can expect there.

    10. Don't blame yourself. Forgive me. There is tomorrow. The past does not determine the future.

    Implementing the above 10 methods will help you improve your lack of confidence and see the potential to change the world you own. One of the key conditions for a richer, happier life is confidence.